Divi builder review (2022) – Made for WordPress Friendly Customization

The Divi theme is one of the most popular used themes in the market of 2020. It has gained immense popularity and great positive reviews in the market. The coding skills of this website make it a remarkable option. This article here will give a brief review of Divi Builder which will help people in its purchase. These reviews would ensure people before they choose to make an investment which will either be beneficial or a waste for them.

A brief introduction to Elegant Themes:

Elegant Themes, an Ameican company that has been selling the Divi Builder theme to WordPress since the year 2013. This company has come up with many successful themes but the Divi Builder theme was one of the best and quite popular and high in demand. It is easy to use and quite sophisticated as well. It has a great layout and drag and drop tools as well for its usage. It has a great appearance which makes it visually very appealing to the users. It has extensive coding and people who have built this have had an amazing experience. Event he experienced web developers will have an amazing opportunity while they use the website.

Installing Divi on WordPress:

The first step would be for the individual to have the best website hosting and valid membership of Elegant Themes. It would also be necessary for them to have a valid WordPress membership as well. The user is recommended to download the theme and then from the download tab they would have to run it. After all this, from WordPress they would have to install the theme and apply it to the appearance of their page. From the zip folder, they would have to install, run and then lastly activate it so it is applied all over the page. This step would enable it to be successfully applied and activated on the homepage.

How to Use the Divi Builder:

The visual builder is the most appealing choice as one could install the Divi easily from there. One would have to create a content page that is appealing and visually attractive. The builder should be working smoothly with the page. Divi Builder uses three main building blocks: Sections, Rows, and Modules. The function of each of them are mentioned below:

  • Section: this is used to create a large group of content such as a header for the site
  • Rows are the part which will allow the user to create a proper numbering balance for all this in case anything gets added to the column
  • Modules are fully responsive only to the content tab. It comes with a proper setting of about 40 types. The Built-in Modules include text, images, email addresses, and buttons. There are some advanced options as well which include elements like Sliders, Portfolio Galleries, and eCommerce Shops

Creating this builder would just mainly require dragging and dropping options as it would help in creating a successful page that would be beneficial. They would also help in making proper customized settings and one can be customised as per their need so they can use the tabs as per their choice. It is easy and manageable. One would not require to put a lot of time or their headspace into it. It would initially be a little difficult for the non-coders as they would take some time to create a visually appealing field. But as for the experienced users, it would be a cakewalk. They are used to making such themes and builders so it would be very easy for them to use. There are some tutorials where people can watch videos on the official website of this builder theme. These videos are quite helpful to the users as they are explained in a proper and detailed method.

Is this builder easy to use:

This was specially created for the users of WordPress as mentioned in the article above as well. It was designed in a way that it can have all the features which the advances users and the beginners would also like. It can range from being easy to use as well as difficult depending o the type of the user and the way they would want it to be set up. The theme comes with a complete and extensive setting for documentation that the user can use at any point in time. It has a great support system staff that is available to all the users of both the plans namely yearly and lifetime. The support staff can be contacted via email or chat 24/7. Basically, even though this theme can be quite intimidating, it is quite easy and simple to use. The process for this is laid out successfully and in a much detailed manner. It has online documentation and the purchase is made much simpler for the users.

Divi or Elemantor:

These two are now the competing page builders for the users of WordPress. The main key difference between the two is that Divi is both a builder and a theme whereas Elemantor is just an option for the drag and drop option. All the content modules are available in Divi whereas Elemantor has only some content modules. Elemantor is a much cheaper plan but usually comparing the two, it is seen that Divi is much better because it has better pricing plans which are attractive for both the users which are lifetime or yearly. Elementor has a free plan for trial which is not available in Divi. Divi has a plan of 30 days of giving the money back if users are not satisfied with the theme.


This is a great option and investment for the people to purchase. It has many strong and rich features that will be beneficial to any user who purchases it. They would love to use this website and has received many positive reviews. It is beneficial for every kind of user from beginners to highly advanced users as well. There is a great support system as well. This article hopes to clear the users who were in a mind space of confusion before they purchased it.

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