Divi theme review (2022) – Is it Best WordPress Theme?

This is one of the most popular themes of the site WordPress. This theme is used by many bloggers and it is a theme filled with multi-purpose uses.  This theme over the years has built its base to a wide extent and in the market has become widely very popular. The theme has set up its own rules where one can customize their own setting as per their own wish. It has also a drag down and up button of its own. There is a wide variety of templates that are available as well on this website and the settings of the site are built in such a way that makes this site designed to perfection. This theme is fairly priced as well even though the market is quite competitive. It gives a very professional feeling to the users whoever has purchased it. This article here has been written describing this theme to the people who are interested to know about it. It will help people know in detail about the theme before they can purchase it and make their investment a successful one.

This theme has been produced by Elegant Themes and has been their main product in the market which has made them popular. This product has been launched in the market in the year 2013 and has been receiving constant updates since then. These updates which are made in the product, help in improving the product and its base. It has been giving a good competition to the other products which are available in the market. There is a plugin of Divi which is named DiviBuilder. This plugin can be seen even on the page of Elegant Themes. This is a very popular WordPress theme used by many. It has been growing in the market and its buyers base has been constantly increasing benefits the product.


This part of the article will consist of the overview and highlight some of the important aspects of the template which makes this website popular:

  • This product has a large library where the templates are of high quality
  • The site promises a powerful content editor. The site has a rich technique of drag and drop
  • The site has a rich split content tool. One has a high ability to read the content
  • This theme comes with several additional features which make is very popular in the market

One will never be dissatisfied if they choose the theme. It will let them grow their base and get more friendly with the theme and its surrounding. It has a powerful editorial base and theme setups. The theme has a powerful rich look and one can even archive their documents.

The best features of the site that makes it look so rich and gives it a popular demand are described below:

  1. High-Quality Content Templates:

This theme will let the person create their own customized setting from this theme and this theme would also suggest the users build a strong website as they would also suggest good changes that will benefit the users. If one wishes to create their own website, this is the perfect choice for them as they can create their own website with a broad range of high-quality templates that are offered to the users. There are various templates for different purposes such as business, yoga, eCommerce, and learning management tools as well. This theme comes with hundreds of layout options that the user can choose from the laid out option. One can choose and shift from their content base as per their wish. It is not a hard task. There is a plugin called the DiviBuilder, where one can make their content and site from scratch. The theme has a drag and drop content editor.

  • Reusable Custom Content:

Any edit that the user makes on the website is automatically saved by the feature of global modules. They can reuse the assets which makes it quite a dynamic theme. One can edit and custom as per the wish of the individual.

  • Portability:

This theme is very portable and one can easily transfer the layouts and themes at their own convenience.  It saves a lot of time for the individual as well.

  • Easy to use:

This is a great theme to use and is very easy as well. It has high functionality and features which are quite user-friendly. The features are available at the fingertip of the user and wouldn’t be tedious for them to understand. They will make the user familiarise with the new features and it would be easy for them to understand.

  • Full Creative Control:

This theme is filled with great creativity. It is very handful and one can have great control over the layouts and the posts. They can add as many build-ups as per the user’s wish. The layouts are also available to them they can easily choose and decide which one suits them.

  • Divi Theme Builder:

One can easily customize their settings on the website as per their wish. They can add the settings as what they feel is comfortable for them and easy to understand. It would also make the sit much more manageable for them. This theme build feature is quite an impressive one. It has received great reviews from the users who are currently using it.

  • Pricing options:

This theme is affordable to people at great price ranges. There are two plans namely yearly and lifetime. With the yearly plan, they could leave themselves open to any option but one would still get the same features and have to just renew it.


  • This theme is great for any option and is multi-purpose
  • It has high-quality templates
  • It has amazing pricing plans
  • It has helpful documentation and page builders


  • One can take time to build the page
  • This website can be very overwhelming
  • The support channel for this website is less


This is a great theme with very powerful and rich filters. It is relatively easy to use than many of the other WordPress themes. The interface is also quite friendly but one would just have to initially get a little hang of how to use it. Hope this article has helped the users who wish to buy this theme. It is highly recommended by people all over the market. The pre-built layouts of this theme are also incredibly well built which would be beneficial for the ones making a new website.

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