Grammarly Review (2022) – Is it Worth to Use?

This is an app or an extension for the browser which allows the user to check the grammar, spelling, and plagiarism. This application can be used on various platforms such as Microsoft Word, WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, and several other mediums. This is popularly known as an assistant for free grammar.

Since it comes with so many advantages, there are definitely some limitations to it. It being one of the most famous and the best writing software can only be used for free of cost to a certain limit. This article here will specify the pros and cons, features, prices for the premium and business upgrades, and different other reviews of this application by various individuals.

Overview of the Application:

This application has over 10 million active users and it is popular for spelling and grammar checks on the internet. It can analyze the part of the text that an individual has written for any errors. The free version of this application covers grammar, punctuation, and spelling. The premium version of this application covers further more than the free version. It covers features such as offering better writing styles and great writing suggestions as well.

The Grammarly touch:

  1. Grammar and Punctuation: This like any other application which is used for grammar and punctuation will also help in detecting the basic and advanced levels in terms of alliteration, comma, running sentences, fragments, and several other features. But if an individual uses Grammarly they will know the reason for their mistake if they are unaware of it. It will help the individual to also learn and it is much easier to use.
  2. Spell Check: This application checks the spelling errors of each and every word in this written article. It does a more detailed and robust search than any other application such as Microsoft Word. Grammarly is known for its accuracy and it is one of the best available.
  3. Plagiarism: This scans the entire written document for any plagiarism report whether it is intentional or unintentional. As sealed that every plagiarism is not intentional, this is where Grammarly comes into play. It will give a run through to the whole document and detect the sources from where it has been published online.
  4. Style of writing: Grammarly helps its users also to improvise on their writing technique. They can help them to improve and suggest some writing styles as to what the application feels would be good for the written document. This feature of Grammarly is hardly known and is the least appreciated. This can help in making concise sentences and clearer as well. It can help an individual to be a better writer.

It does not matter as to what kind of a writing article is done by the individual. Grammarly as mentioned above can feature in any platform. It can be for professional, casual, or hobby. Amongst its huge data of users, it is immensely popular within these people namely: Students, Bloggers, Content writers or copywriters, and business writers or professionals.

Grammarly has turned out to be extremely useful and essential to people who are in the field of the professional arena. It makes their writing clearer and better formatted. It will make their writing more accurate and attractive. It is very important for writings in professional fields to be without any grammatical errors and formal. Grammarly is the best solution to all these issues.

Pros of the application:

  1. Real-time Grammar correcting: This will make things easier scenes and individuals previously used to write everything down and then check for grammar errors. But with this application, they will come to know instantly when they have made an error. This is so much quicker and faster it will help in getting results much cleaner and more automatically. The errors can be seen as and when the individual is typing out.
  2. Highly accurate: It is very well known for its accuracy. This software does not make any mistakes intentional. Although, sometimes it can make errors when it misunderstands as to what the user wishes to say or describe. It can get confusing as to in situations highly when an individual wish to put a comma. The individual is always suggested the accuracy according to this application. But sometimes it can get confusing as stated. Hence to avoid this, the user must only accept changes as to when they see there is an error made by them.
  3. Easy to understand and explain: Grammarly just does not tell when the user is wrong. It also explains why the user is wrong so that they do not make any mistakes in the future. It will help the individual to understand better with their explanations so that they can learn and improve. A lot of individuals have benefited from this method. It has been seen in their writing making it much more polishing so that we become a better writer. This application has two options when it comes to the factor of explanation. They can make a quick view to see the changes when there is a little help which has been given to them.
  4. Customization: even when the user is using a free version of the software with several limitations. There is still the factor of customization. An individual can pray for their own language and tone it also on certain websites. This is highly beneficial for them when they wish to add certain abbreviations for slang in the dictionary. There would be no need for the individuals to fix the airport where they can just click the term add to dictionary from the drop-down menu of Grammarly.
  5. Simple to use: an individual could not be required to be tech-savvy while using this application. It is just a basic application for checking spelling errors as to how the default spell check error for Microsoft Word is used. This software underlines the incorrect word according to them and when the user goes and clicks on that word, they can easily find the error. This is quite easy to use as mentioned with the steps. It is a perfect application for those individuals to use who need some help in grammar but also a well written one.


This software seems to have several advantages. But every highly advantaged app comes with certain disadvantages. The following are a few of its disadvantages:

  1. It does not work with everything: This application does not function well with Google docs. They are currently being tested by working with Google doc. It gets complicated on working with Google talk after a certain limit of words. It seems to breakout and their services stop when it exceeds the beta testing.
  2. The free version of this application is limited: as it is seen that the free version of this software is limited which means that one can only function with the spellings and the grammar. An individual would require more than just these features to meet their article perfectly. It is any day beneficial for an individual to purchase the premium package. There is a huge difference between the free and the premium package due to its features.
  3. Aggressive Advertising: This software would want all its users to upgrade. The advertisement gets very irritating after a while because it acts like spam and emails are being sent to the users every day or hourly basis. Although one has the option of opting out from the advertisements or unsubscribing from them, it can still get annoying with their spams and notifications.

Ways to use Grammarly:

  1. Grammarly can be used as a web tool: This option can be availed when a user just copied and pastes their article as to what they wish to check through the Grammarly website. They can just click the tab from the dashboard which gets directed to a blank page. After pasting the document from the upload button after new, the software would require some time to scan the document, and then the user gets a quick review of their document with spelling and grammar errors.
  2. Desktop Application: Some users prefer to download this as an application on their desktop. It can only be available to users with Windows or Mac laptops. They can simply download this application from their system by visiting the download page of the website. They can get an online version and using this tool is not very difficult.
  3. Microsoft Word: One can use this extension directly in Microsoft Word. But it is only at the time of writing and when we are available at the windows which are running. We can visit the page which is termed as 18 and follow the instructions as to how it can be added in the word document. After following all the steps, the user can check if it is working when the type out in the word document. It is very easy to install and it is extremely intuitive to use. But the only factor is that the one always needs to be connected to the internet while using it on Word.
  4. Extension in the browser: this is one of the easiest ways to use Grammarly. There is a link on the homepage where one can add extensions. We can easily add grammar Lee as an extension on the webpage of chrome. They can simply just add the extension to the chrome and as the extension is being used they can automatically check the writing on a number of websites. They can check it’s working on Gmail or even in Google docs.


This is a very helpful application and has helped many people mentioned above and several others. These days everybody wants to send messages without any error and this is where the application can help. It is quicker and much faster in its responses. It has immensely helped students while submitting their academic papers. This is an amazingly helpful application. One must definitely download it since it’s hassle-free.

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