Tubebuddy review (2022)

What is TubeBuddy:

This is a certified YouTube SEO tool. It also has an extension that will be directly connected to YouTube. After the use of successfully installed it on the browser which is quite an easy task, they can log in to their YouTube dashboard which will enable it to be upgraded directly with multiple features. This is certified with YouTube so one can be assured of its safety. The process of installing Jeen is quite easy and user-friendly so they wouldn’t have two put a lot of work on it. Combining all these tools successfully, the channel will be built successfully and easily. It will also help in increasing subscribers and viewers as well. With this tubebuddy, it will reduce the work and will make a huge difference on the individuals.

Cost of the plan:

The extension is free of cost and it includes some basic tools which are amazing and easy to use. The cost of tubebuddy ranges from $9 to $49per month.

it offers multiple discounts as well of up to 50% Hindustan Lo where there are about less than 1000 subscribers. This is because then the individual will easily afford it just before they make their plan. The extensions which are free of cost have amazing and high functionality and will also help the individuals to go there base and the plan has been said to be quite successful.


  • Helps the user become a professional with Youtube SEO
  • Allows the user to easily view draft review
  • It is free for basic features
  • It is certified by YouTube
  • It is easy to use


  • There is only one license per channel

Features of Tubebuddy that makes it high in demand and popular are as follows:

There are about 65 features which will help the user to boost their video with the algorithm of YouTube. The first feature which is popular is the upload sweet and keyword explorer. One can check out the full portal and then connect to their YouTube page. The upload sweet is the place where the users create a lot of their work. The keyword explorer is one of the essential factors which will help the people to grow the channel and gain immense views. This will help the individual to just grow a lot of bases and will help them in their discovery as well. The keywords will give a lot of ideas to the people and will help them in making the videos. It will create a lot of competition and potential views. This will also help them to create amazing content for their YouTube channel. The place of suggested tags will complement the keyword explorer. It will embed in the video successfully and upload easily. It has an extension called the advanced videolytics which will give a deep look at ranking and tags. This will help the users to gain views.  Tubebuddy also has an A/B testing feature. This is the ultimate tool that will help the viewers gain immense views. It will help them gain thumbnails and titles on the video. They can easily choose which will look better for them.

Bulk Processing is a feature that will save an immense amount of time for the viewers. It will help them create a whole audience base and reach millions of views. It will help the individual to make some money as well.

  • It can help in changing the descriptions
  • It can change the card settings
  • It can update the screens

This website will help in adding a lot of traffic for the users which will be beneficial for them as it would add popularity. One can visit each video individually to update the settings. It is a very easy process and not at all time-consuming. This process has proven to a lot of people about how economical it can get.

Some of the other  best feature:

  1. Comment moderation: this helps the individual and reply faster as per their importance. It will also help to highlight the comments and to check the recent subscribers.
  2. Sharing on Facebook: Sharing the videos on Facebook becomes much easier and it will be very advantageous to the user to help them gain a lot of views.
  3. Competition scorecard: this will help you become very competitive in the market and it will help the user to come to know about the news and uploads. One can even export this data and further process more.
  4. Time to publish: The analytical of TubeBuddy will help the individual know when to publish a new video and it will work on the algorithm of YouTube as well. This will help in getting them a huge audience base as well.
  5. Social monitor: this will help the individual know the number of times their video has been shared or talked about.
  6. Channelytics: One can easily compare the tags, views with the other channels and it will help them to know that Competition base.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How to use Tubebuddy?

This is quite easy to use and has a friendly interface as well. One can easily install it from the browser. It would all be easy after creating an account.

  • Is Tubebuddy safe?

It is very safe since it is a Youtube SEO too and is properly certified. So one wouldn’t have to worry about this issue.

  • Is the website worth purchasing?

Yes, it is since it would help the viewers gain a lot of views and subscribers. It would in turn also help them get a lot of money.

  • How many channels can the user have per license?

This is one of the negative factors of this site but the user can have only one license per channel. There are some discount plans or else it would become a very costly affair.


This is the best YouTube SEO tool and is a successful growth tool. This would be very beneficial to any user who purchases it. It has become very popular in the market and one would not be disappointed with its purchase as well. There are amazing pricing plans as well which are attractive and this is highly recommended. Hope this article helps the people who were interested in its purchase.

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