ProWritingaid Review (2022) – Features, Pricing & Discount Coupon

Everyone likes to write on some of the other topics, few of them must be exceptional. Some people between us like to write, and also they think of writing but are afraid of errors that might occur while writing. Hence, they decide not to proceed with the idea but drop it due to fear of errors. To eliminate this fear in you, we have an idea, and we guarantee you that by the end of this, everyone will start writing. In this article, we are bringing you an absolute AI-based technology that will improve your writing skills as well as correct your grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes. Eager to know about which AI-powered technology, we are talking? Yes, it is ProWritingAid. For more details, scroll down and read the whole article.

Definition: ProWritingAid

ProwritingAid is a real-time grammar checker, or we can say an application that provides the users with editing solutions, styling grammar for the content, make punctuation faster, provides you with a word choice suggestion.

ProWritingAid comes with a premium version and it also provides a free trial for 14 days. It provides a premium plus option for more optimized writing. ProWritingAid includes all in one package formula, which means it acts as a writing tutor, grammar master, live editor, copywriter, spelling corrector, punctuation corrector, word suggestion, also it checks your document and accordingly grants you score for your content and document.

It generates reports of your writing, this will help you to analyze the content, refine it accordingly, and give a better look to your document. Prowritingaid is a virtual writing assistant of yours who will guide you along with the writing. On reading the definition, you must be thinking who all can use ProWritingAid? Check below the users of the ProWritingAid.

Users of ProWritingAid

Prowritingaid can be used by anyone willing to write and publish them. Prowritingaid is used by the professionals, as they communicate via email to their clients, customers. Hence, any kind of mistake is not affordable for the professionals to make, as this can be a cause of misunderstanding between the clients and the employee. P

rowritingaid can also be used by fresher bloggers and experienced bloggers too. For a blogger, it’s very important to design their content with perfection and efficiency. Also, people who are starting with blogging without any prior experience, for them ProWritingAid will act as a writing guru. ProWritingAid can be helpful for the authors too.

Authors write the book with longer lengths, they don’t have to make effort for manual checking of grammar and mistakes in the entire book, ProWritingAid will make this task simple for you. For students, writing assignments with a ProWritingAid will alert the students before committing any grammar or any other mistakes. ProWritingAid can be used by any people who want to improve their writings and was looking for a writing assistant.

Fact Behind Using ProWritngAid

#1. Fix Your Grammar And Writing With ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid has some top fab features included in their web interface, in a later section, we will mention you about how to use ProWritingAid. You write on Microsoft word or google docs, also you write a review online on the web portals, you drop emails to important person though, as we are human there might be a probability of making mistakes unintentionally. After delivering the message, or article to the respective person, you realize there are ample mistakes done, but at that time you are unable to make changes. Hence, to get rid of such mistakes, this is one of the facts behind using ProWritingAid.

#2. Improve Word Choice And Jargon With ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid doesn’t just find our mistakes, but also it helps us to find an alternative word instead of a common word. Usually, we don’t have a habit of writing, also we are unable to find a proper word that will be suitable for the given sentence, and hence we use here a word wrongly. But unbelievable, thanks to ProWritingAid’s Word Explorer. After performing a certain test using ProWritingAid, we found that there’s a Word Explorer section, where we can find the word choice suggestion automatically. Usually, we search for a dictionary to find unique words that are replaceable and convenient for the sentence. Also, we search noun forms, adjective forms of the word to make the sentence sound good. It must be a difficult task to search and write. Hence, ProWritingAid will rectify the sentence, then analyze it and finally will predict a phrase or word to make a sentence accurate. Hence, another fact behind using ProWritingAid.

#3. Delete Repetition with ProWritingAid

Writers have a bad of repeating words and sentences badly. So this kind of error is also solved withProWritingAid. The word or sentence repetition spoils the reader’s experience, here ProWritingAid will act as the savior. It will detect the repeated word and let us know the other word in place of it, this will also help to improve the writing capability.

#4. Get Scores On Basis Of Your Writing

The score plays an important role in our life. Especially, it helps to understand the mistakes that have been made. With the scores, we try to improve these mistakes and score well next time. Similarly, with ProWritingAid, we will be getting scores on our writings. These scores will be highlighted as and when we commit mistakes. These are highlighted with different colors, the color difference will make us know what are the mistakes, whether it is a spelling issue, or grammar issue, or any mismatch word. This can be another fact behind using ProWritingAid.

#5. Visualize Your Writings With ProWritingAid

Apart from grammar checking and suggesting words, the gameplay is available here. ProWritingAid generates a pattern of visualization for your written sentence. To improve the criticality of the sentences, and to check your inclination about the work, ProWritingAid provides with visualized charts, graphs, and plots, so that you can understand, your work progress and start working on it over time. This can be another fact behind using ProWritingAid.

#6. Get Reports With ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid generates different reports based on your performance. This will help you to judge your writing and improve accordingly. This can be another fact behind using ProWritingAid.

After knowing about the users, and facts behind ProWritingAid, let’s begin with how to install ProWritingAid.

How to Install ProWritingAid?

ProWriting is easily available on the web. Also, its a very easy task to install it. ProWritingAid is integrated with a web extension, with Microsoft Word or google docs, with Scrivener, Open Office, and Other Formats, also you can get a Web API dor SDK built, or download a Desktop version for Windows. ProWritingAid is available for MAC users too.

Installation Steps For different platforms:

  • Microsoft word: You can download a premade plugin and integrate it with your word. Get the download link from the ProWritingAid website.
  • Web Extension: You can get a web extension links for Chrome, Firefox, Safari. You just need to click on the link given on the website, rest will happen automatically.
  • Desktop Version: Download the Desktop App for windows as well as Mac, install it, and get started.

Some Key Features:

  • Grammar Checker
  • In-built Dictionary
  • Elimination of Repetition
  • Limitless Word
  • Number of Integration available
  • Score Prediction and length of sentence
  • Generation of reports and graphs for better improvement.


  • For Free ProWritingAid Users: Online grammar checker is available, word limit to one extend is available, report generation count is 25, and can use Word Explorer till one limit.
  • For Premium ProWritingAid users: Desktop version, web extension installation, the full functionality of Word Explorer tool is available, and the scorecard is available too
  • For Premium Plus ProWritingAid users: Similar to Premium plus, but an additional feature of detecting plagiarism is added.


Thus, in this article, we have read the ProWritingAid tool, which the best one suited for writers, bloggers, authors. Also, we read about the facts present behind the using ProWritingAid. The users of ProWritingAid, the installation of it, and some important features. Do read the note, because notes are always important. So remove the fear of errors and start writing with ProWritingAid.

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