THRIVE ARCHITECT REVIEW (2022) – Is it Good WordPress Page Builder?

Thrive Architect as the name itself indicates that they were thriving as the most advanced and improved landing page builder plugin build from the ground up for business and conversion as a motto. Thrive Architect is renowned for keeping the enthusiasm and energy of the user by providing a frontend editing interface without wasting any of the valuable time and letting their imaginations fly high and achieve them.

Thrive Architect Review

If you are looking for creating an outstanding unique page with great in-build traffic service facility, an attractive homepage providing a lot of flexibility and conversion-friendly landing pages there comes the standalone plugin for WordPress Thrive Architect.

What makes Thrive Architech more usable?

Below are the reasons that make thrive an awesome wordpress page builder:

Easy to use

“Drag and drop “ that is the only thing you just need to edit, you can edit anything with this feature saving tons of times. They provide hundreds of landing page templates and even customizations are provided coming with a highly intuitive interface without creating any kind of overloads or mess and preventing in-vacuum editing which no one would like to see.

Conversion friendly 

They provide an inbuild lead generation facility to initiate the consumer with interest to their products or services to develop their sales pipeline, thus there is no need for any extra shelling of money for increasing the traffic to your page. They are featured with customizable button, countdown timers, lead generation form integrated with the email marketing tools of your choice hence simplifying your job and you could focus more on improving your business rather than the page.

No need to excel in coding

Responsive and highly conversion friendly landing templates are one touch away for creating the professional-looking opt-in pages, webinar pages, or your sales page and even these could be customized according to the imagination.

Backward compatibility

This feature enables the use of interface and data from earlier versions of the system.

Intuitive User-Interface

The thrive architect features the best user interface making it easy even for beginners with the arrangement of various elements and options. The clean and simplified interface enables you to alter every element like the border, colour, margin, padding spacing, animations, alignment, background, type focus,mobile-based building part from all these features the most liked part is that all these element customization options are provided on the left sidebar. All you have to do is click and drop to get more element options on the left sidebar, under situation where you fail to find the location of tool nifty search box element comes handy and even under complex situations of working or editing they provide a navigational content box to know more about the element

➡️ The elements are divided into two sections:

1) Foundation Block

it contains basic options for setting the foundation our page strong, being at the top of the page facilitates a  straightforward feature,

Options included are:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Button
  • Templates and Symbol
  • Column
  • Background Section
  • Content Box

The background section options are being used for  “filling up” the screen or background. The content box helps to draw attention towards a group of elements or a single element

2) Building Block

They feature more specific elements, they are

  • Click to tweet:
  • Content reveal
  • Countdown
  • Countdown evergreen
  • Credit card
  • Custom HTML
  • Custom menu
  • Disqus comments
  • Divider
  • Facebook comments
  • Testimonials  

and the list goes on…

The conversion focused live page editors most attractive features like a countdown, content reveals, testimonials help in creating curiosity and promote more conversion while click to tweet are some of the elements specially designed for bloggers, to effectively communicate with your readers you can make use of the lead generation and contact form with more than twenty Email marketing APIs or else can use HTML codes based on your choice.

Settings and Template setup 

In the settings sections up page events on a timer and such various advanced feature, few are being mentioned below:

  •  Edit HTML Section – Provide you with the code behind the page build by Thrive  Architect which is a one in thousand features provided by the rivalries and if you are good at codding by using these features one can modify their pages in all ways they need it to be.
  • Custom CSS: they allow the user to customize the theme which helps in controlling the HTML elements on your web page.

Now let us move on to the template set up containing various options for customizing and designing your landing page.some of the options are:

Landing page settings allow you to customize your landing page like background, script to be added and after setting you can even import or export .the options for transferring the landing pages to various sites or for back up are user-oriented.

Landing Page Templates

Over 300 unique professional templates for the landing page are provided under template sets with specialized sets of templates designed for various categories like sale page , opt-in page, download page, etc making it handy.

Smart color is a newly introduced feature that provides a color pallet by which you can change the color combination of your template at any time and help you choose the best of the best.

Pre-filled Template is also another time-saver option by providing the template that is already being filled with only relevant content to remind of the helpful inputs to be included.

Noteworthy Features

Conversion friendly and responsive landing page builder for mobile phones , tablets

The responsive page builder enables the opportunity for additions of various elements for mobiles other such gadgets, you can also toggle elements to be prepared for various devices which are made possible with the Thrive Lightbox.

Vertical split Layout

These are the new trendsetter in the designing of one’s page to provide magical viewing experience to the user which allow you to showcase the main image with the headline hence drawing more attention.

Thrive Architect pricing & support system

Thrive Architect provides one of the best forum-based support systems after purchasing a plan for a term of one year.

Thrive architect provides single Thrive architect license for $67 and for the five license pack $97

And above all, this is a lifetime payment because you will be availed with all the plugin updates for free rather than the other rivalries where you have to pay for each plugin update.


  • Inline text editing capability
  • Works well with aunty kind of WordPress theme
  • Lifetime plugin updates
  • Inbuild conversion-friendly user interface
  • Mobile friendly
  • Instructive tutorials
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Concentrating more on Templates for sales and conversion
  • Forum based support system

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